Over the years a family of talented producers has grown around the Sweet Spot.  We are blessed to count them as our friends and collaborators.  Listen to their work.  We would be happy to put you in touch with them so you can work together on your next hit!


Matthew "MTS" Shell

Matthew Shell (MTS Music Production), is a versatile producer (jazz, rock, RnB, soul, pop) with production, mixing and engineering credits including Selina Gomez, Philip Lawrence, Gerald Albright, Paul Jackson Jr., Vicu Schek, and O.A.R., among others.   Matthew's work on his own jazz albums and for various artists have been featured over 80 times on TV, radio and in press articles, including three times on the Billboard Top 10 charts, twice on GRAMMY.com, and multiple times on FOX 5 News DC, WPGC 95.5, WTOP, WPFW 89.3, Trish Hennessey's Hybrid Jazz Radio and on The Maggie Linton Show on Sirius XM. 

To learn more about Matthew Shell and MTS Music Productions' marketing services, contact us here at The Sweet Spot Studios or visit http://MTSmusic.net/

Reyel The Ruler

Aaron "AJ" Halpern

Aaron "AJ" Halpern is an award-winning composer, songwriter, DJ and producer of music in many genres, especially Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Electro, House, Soundtrack. He is equally comfortable in "in the box" DAW based projects, or sessions with a myriad of live instrumentation. He is especially expert at multimedia music - for shows, video games, etc. His singles have been Billboard Top 5 and his tracks have been Beatport Top 10. His TV themes have been heard all over the world. 

Mike Moxham

Man of many aliases, wearer of many hats, Mike Moxham has produced and released records all over the world, notably on the label Libyus Music (Japan, home of Nujabes and Fat Jon) during his nearly 20 years as a producer DJ and Musician. Mike has run the gauntlet through many musical styles including Hip Hop, Pop, Various styles of Electronic Dance/Bass Music, Scoring/Atmospheric and more...  

See releases under ST/MiC, St. Mic, SaintLike, Saint Michael, H. G. Swells, TRNK JWLZ, The Essentials

3rd Eye Sound

3rd Eye Sound is a production and audio engineering business owned by Gabriel Pearson, currently located in Silver Spring Maryland. He believes that the greatest sound comes from working outside of the typical template.  He strives to be original with every sound he creates, closely partnering with his clients to produce the best material.  You can check out the latest and greatest at https://soundcloud.com/3rdeyesound3